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Meet Renee–one of our VIP members who dedicates her time working with LoveYourBrain. a non-profit geared toward providing research-based, adapted yoga and meditation to support those with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) through the healing process.

Because nearly 80,000 TBIs and/or concussions occur in the US each year due to biking accidents, LoveYourBrain is working to raise awareness for different ways to support clinical healing for the cycling, and many other communities. TSL is partnering with LoveYourBrain Retreats to raise money for their upcoming retreat season.  By offering skills for mindfulness, movement, nutrition and community connection, the programs provide access to sequences, discussions and resources, through in-person, virtual and week-long retreat programs.

Help us reach our goal of $1000 to send one person to a week-long retreat Saturday, January 29th at 12pm for #Ride with Chris. $30 donation. All proceeds go directly to LoveYourBrain.

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