We are grateful for the space beside our studio to be able to offer outdoor classes. We want to thank our clients for abiding by our social distancing policies in order to keep the community safe and sweating. Please read below as you prepare for your outdoor class with us!

Before class:

  • CHECK-IN: Check in with a posse member at the top of the top of the stairs on the deck. SELF CHECK IN IS AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WITH IOS DEVICES THROUGH OUR APP. If signed up for a cycle classes, bikes are numbered. If signed up for strength/barre mats are first come first serve. Although equipment is provided, feel free to bring your own mat/towel etc.
  • SHOES: To limit contact, we ask that you reply to your confirmation after signing up for a cycle class with your shoe size so that we can place them beside your bike before you arrive. We will also have assortment of shoes near check-in. Shoes are available for purchase.
  • WEIGHTS/TOWELS: For #Ride weights and towels will be placed on every mat/bike. If you would like to switch out you weights, you may at the weight cart.
  • BIKE SET UP: All bikes are lowered to the lowest settings when stored inside the studio– BOTH handlebars and saddle will need to be adjusted. The instructor and posse will be available to help verbally assist you with bike set up. For a refresher please see our HOW TO SET UP YOUR BIKE TUTORIAL by clicking here. IMPORTANT: DOUBLE CHECK THAT THE SADDLE AND HANDLEBARS ARE LOCKED AND THERE IS NO MOVEMENT BEFORE RIDING.
  • WHILE RIDING: Choreography is optional (especially when lifting hands off of the handlebars) as handlebars may get slippery. Safety first!

After class:

  • CLIPPING OUT: If you are struggling to clip out of your bike, take your foot out of the shoe and leave the shoes in the bike for our staff to collect. WIPES/CLEAN UP: A posse member will bring wipes around to each participant to limit movement around the deck. Please wipe down handlebars, saddle, flywheels, locks, mats, weights etc. Wipes may be disposed of in the trashcan beside the stairs on the way out.
  • DISMISSAL: Please keep in mind that dismal may be staggered by back row, middle row, then front row. We ask that you social distance as you leave.
  • UPSTAIRS: Bathrooms and water fountains are available upstairs; please wear a mask when entering.
  • EXTRA CLEANING: All equipment is disinfected before and after class. However, extra wipes, sanitizer, disinfectant are always available.

Weather Policy:

We monitor the radar closely throughout the day. If class is cancelled due to weather, you will receive an email notification at least an hour before class. Class is still on if you do not receive a cancellation email. Please check your spam/junk folders.


We would like to encourage everyone to respect their neighbor. As excitement rises, please lead by example and adhere to our new guidelines.

If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, please refrain from visiting the studio. Additionally, we ask that you practice social distancing while at the studio and refrain from person to person contact.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have knowingly come into contact with someone that has been affected, we ask that you wait 14 days before visiting the studio.

Whether you plan to join us outside or continue to stay at home, we are here to help. Please email the studio for questions and concerns.