A traditional 60 minute barre format which includes warm-up, arms, thigh, seat, core work and stretching. All levels are welcome in this class, as our knowledgeable instructors will demonstrate modifications applicable to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. This is your HEAD to Toe solution for building strength and getting all your muscles humming!


Our traditional barre class adds more use of weights, resistance bands and balls for a deeper challenge. This 60 minute class will increase both your strength and stamina while keeping your body strong, lean and increase flexibility with barre and floor stretches. Clients always have the option to move without the use of resistance weights or bands.


This barre class will work you in big and small movements to get the heart rate pumping. Challenge your strength, endurance and balance to sculpt and tone. All levels welcome to this fast paced class. Alignment and a good awareness of movement is helpful, but not required.

*This class offers choreography with VERY QUICK coordinated movements so a good foundation of barre, Pilates, and dance are very helpful.


POP Pilates is a total body, equipment free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer’s body like nothing else can. The combination of total body Pilates exercises with the attitude of choreographed dance and the energy of music, results in an intense workout that is FUN and effective. In this beautiful “dance on the mat”, students will be challenged to flow from one exercise to the next, developing a hard core, while leaving no muscle untouched. Every exercise can be modified to fit each student’s personal needs, so no experience or fitness level is required. You’ll leave feeling sweaty, strong and ready to take on more.

HIIT (High Intense Interval Training)

A blend of Pilates and HIIT principles to create a variable-intensity interval training. In HIIT,  intervals of high-intensity work are followed by a sequence of purposeful lower-intensity strength based intervals to enable active recovery.  This is a total body, equipment free workout that is for ALL LEVELS. Each exercise can be modified and options are offered throughout. *Closed toe shoes/sneakers highly recommended*


50 minutes dedicated to Arms, Abs and Ass. Various styles of movements are incorporated into each class. From squats with weights to dynamic side plank variations. While every class is different, be prepared for some serious butt burning, arm carving and abdominal strengthening. As with all of our classes, please take modifications where you need them. Building strength one class at a time!


This weight based class will sculpt with heavier dumbbells and slower movements allowing us to get to muscle failure quicker. This class will not only build muscular strength and definition but will also challenge your muscle endurance. This class will hit all the major muscles groups and more.



The cycle-barre combo class Bike to Barre will get your heart pumping to burn fat and gain endurance. You will start with a cardio intense RIDE, then you’ll slide off the saddle and hit the mat for strengthening and lengthening, defining muscle with every class. Prepare to sweat.



It’s the ever-popular Bike to Barre class with an emphasis on arms and abs once on the mat. Using heavier weights, and slower movements you will work larger muscle groups from top to bottom. This class will improve muscular power and control which will make you feel stronger and more athletic each time.



Another combo classes we know you’ll love. Spend 30 minutes in the saddle sweating your a** off and then hop of the bike for 30 minutes of a combination of pilates inspired strength exercises + high intensity cardio intervals to create a variable intensity workout. With 6 rounds of  45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, you are sure to get your heart rate jumping and your muscles pumping. Finish your workout feeling strong and empowered with a spicy core burn out.