Our cycle classes are designed for all fitness levels. The beauty of riding your own bike is you are in charge of the resistance and effort level. We will push you, however, you can always take a break when you need it. We do incorporate choreography, so if you haven’t done a rhythm based cycling class before we recommend you sit in the back two rows until you get the hang of things.

Because we want you to get the very best out of your cycle class at TSL, cycle shoes are mandatory. We recommend bringing your own (our bikes accept SPD and Delta Look clips) but we do have rental shoes available. We also sell cycle shoes in the studio. Come on in and check them out, or email the studio with size and description and we will help you find your fit.

Adjust the saddle by loosening the knob towards the back of the seat. Slide the saddle forward and back on the glider until you find a comfortable position. Tighten securely once set.

To adjust the saddle HEIGHT, pull the lever all the way towards you while holding the seat steady. Carefully, find a comfortable setting and push the down until there is absolutely no movement in the saddle.

Start with hip height for your saddle and elbow to middle finger from tip of the saddle to the resistance knob. This is a starting point. Our posse members are available to make sure you are setup correctly before class to ensure the safest and most beneficial ride.

Barre Absolute and Barre Sculpt are your best choices. Both of these classes offer attention to form and movement with modifications as needed. These all levels classes will challenge your body and mind. As your progress, these classes remain challenging to seasoned clients as they offer ways to deepen the work in the various movements.  Feel free to come to any class, and pace yourself as needed. Cardio Barre is intense and upbeat with choreography incorporated. We recommend clients have some base of fitness or a great sense of humor before attending.

You will begin to see results in stamina and toning after 5 classes. You may feel like you are getting bulkier at the onset of participation, but you will see a more sculpted, leaner shape around the 9 week mark (consistently attending 3+ times a week). As with any fitness program, eating a clean diet, drinking water, good sleep habits and consistency will increase results.

Stepping on your mat is the best way to start. Flexibility is not required to have a good experience. Blocks and straps are available for use in any class for support. There is always a resting pose available to take when your body needs it. Some classes use light weights which are used to work on building additional strength when wanted. Weights do not need to be used at any time. The most important component to any new movement is an open mind.

Yes. Our showers are stocked to anticipate common needs, but feel free to bring your favorite toiletries.