OUR APPROACH: Our studio does not use Tension Gauge Meters/ Monitors. Our goal for our clients is to experience a connection to their body tuning into sensations. Noticing heart rate increases, breath changes, muscle engagement and overall output and recovery times.


#RIDE offers cardio, endurance, core connection and upper body strengthening. We move, sprint, jump and climb with the music. (#) Weights are integrated into one-two songs for a little extra fire throughout the upper body. This class will provide a challenging workout for all levels.


This one hour class is an intense interval based cycling class with the athlete in mind. RideAttack incorporates threshold interval based training, slower and heavier upper body dumbbell work on the bike as well as a few rhythm based sequences to recover between sets. Designed for riders looking to break plateaus and move up to the next level of fitness.


An hour long cycle class (think Express RIDE + 10 mins for good measure) followed by a spirited beverage to kick off your weekend. We will work your body with a varied series of sprints, hills, intervals and jumps all set to the best music in the business (at least we think so). This class will provide a challenging workout for all levels.



The cycle-barre combo class Bike to Barre will get your heart pumping to burn fat and gain endurance. You will start with a cardio intense RIDE, then you’ll slide off the saddle and hit the mat for strengthening and lengthening, defining muscle with every class. Prepare to sweat.



It’s the ever-popular Bike to Barre class with an emphasis on arms and abs once on the mat. Using heavier weights, and slower movements you will work larger muscle groups from top to bottom. This class will improve muscular power and control which will make you feel stronger and more athletic each time.